Five Function Electric Bed

2015-10-14 click: Category:Hospital Bed

  • Dimension: 2150 x 900 x 460~760 mm
  • Description:
      • Bed sur face made of high qual ity PP materials; bed frame made of steel tube, Pre-treat ed and epoxy pow der coat ed.
      • Top DC machines (optional : storage battery), no noise;
      • Electronic controller;
      • Adjustable backrest and footrest ;
      • Variable height adjustable, Trendelemburg and reverse, Trendelemburg positions;
      • Detachable head and foot boards all made of PP materials;
      • Noiseless castors with centrally controlled brake system;
      • Collapsing type aluminum alloy side rails;
      • One stainless steel infusion pole;
      • Load bearing: 250kg;
  • Custom options: Functions, Accessories and Colors.
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